Freelance or agency

Once you have decided to outsource the writing or the revision of one or a series of documents, naturally the question arises which to choose, freelance or agency? 

If your company has no policy constraints and you have no personal preference, there might be no clear-cut answer. Factors such as budget restrictions, timelines, and the volume or diversity of a project may make you tend towards one of the options. The best alignment of your specific requirements with the putative capabilities of available service providers may also depend on your choice to acquire expertise or capacity. In general, certain benchmark requirements for a full service such as staff for backup and independent quality control favor using agencies. However, freelancers may outweigh this by usually higher flexibility and personal commitment.


TOTZKE & DREHER SCIENTIFIC (TDS) combines the advantages of both options as we are two drug development experts, both highly motivated and well-rehearsed, with over 10 years of clinical research experience, complementary (MD and PhD), and strong cross-functional understanding (regulatory and marketing experience).

We are independent service providers in the life science sector and organized as a Swiss public corporation based in Geneva. TDS stands in the tradition of Totzke Scientific which was founded in 2008 and served clients from pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies as well as from CROs and academic research to their highest satisfaction. Some of our proven strengths and assets are:

  • Personal commitment and focus
  • Profound CTD and publication experience
  • Strong network of external experts in key therapeutic areas 
  • Excellent writing and communication skills (English, German, French)
  • Excellent command of MS Office and other relevant software
  • Considerable management and teaching skills
  • Familiarity with relevant guidelines (GxP, ICH, EFSA) and templates
  • Abreast of ongoing changes through continuous training
    by professional organizations,

While we both have those skills in common, our complementary backgrounds enable us to cover a broad spectrum of tasks and even large projects, while flexibility and continuity are maintained through short and non-hierarchical communication channels. At the same time, backup and quality control as well as one point of contact, usually close-by, are assured. Consequently, we offer a competent, comprehensive, and fast service.