Internal and external expertise

Successful pharmaceutical companies have a large pool of scientific and clinical experts, who are highly competent within their role and therapeutic area. Yet the spectrum of clinical challenges and opportunities is so diverse that even the largest number of internal collaborators cannot possibly cover them all.

While the company's internal experts have the greatest knowledge about their business and products, they may not always be aware of all developments outside the company and their specialty. This external competency, however, is of critical importance for:

  • Strategic plans for clinical development, registration, and drug positioning
  • SWOT analysis & critical success factor identification for ongoing projects
  • Due diligence of licensing opportunities, joint ventures, and collaborations

For the above, we offer an independent, comprehensive, and competent approach that provides your project the best basis of success.


We have established a strong international network of external experts and thought leaders during our extensive scientific and clinical experience in the academic and pharmaceutical environment.

Key opinion leader (KOL) management is an essential factor of drug development at all stages. According to your needs, we will also:

  • organize Advisory Boards and Expert Panel Meetings
  • consolidate Individual expert input for advice or expert statements
  • set up Questionnaires to obtain opinions from larger groups of experts